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*Be sure to choose ”You deserve First Class” for postage at check-out unless picking up at Meadows Deli in Newnham or Barbarella Cafe in Chesterton.  

Dark chocolate halva truffles made with tahini, sweetened with honey, warming spices, maca root, medicinal mushroom blend, and bee pollen.

Contains: *pollen *sesame *mushrooms

100% of proceeds are going directly to the Stella Madzi Foundation set up by her family. 

You do not have to purchase a box of chocolates. You can donate directly to the following charities and follow the Stella Madzi Foundation on either Facebook or Instagram:

Water Aid Malawi

The Lung Foundation

British Heart Foundation

Stella Madzi Foundation

Chocolate however, is a definite bonus, and these were Stella’s favourites. In fact the bee pollen was brought back from Portugal from her last visit.  
Boxes can be picked up from Meadows Cambridge at 31b Eltisley Road, Newnham. 

We are also arranging delivery dates locally with Zedify, and Royal Post. 

Alternative drop off / pick up points can be arranged. 

From Stella & Carlos website Pear Pan Tree

“We are Carlos and Stella Pereira and have lived in Cambridge UK since 2008. We've known each other since we were 16.

Our surname Pereira, translates to "pear tree".

Pear (Pan) Tree, is the culmination of all of the things that we are passionate about.

​We love food!
Simple, sustainable, locally sourced food. It brings people together, so we often use it as an excuse to gather. The best stories are shared and made around tables. “